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Robust, high quality microscopes for every application.

Whether you want a robust, high quality stereo microscope for a particular application, or you want to standardize on a single range with several models to choose from, Vision Engineering’s SX Family of stereo microscopes should be at the top of your list.


Exquisite detail

From the entry level Greenough SX25 Elite right through to the CMO (common main objective) SX100 model, a Vision Engineering SX stereo microscope will let you see the subject with exceptional clarity and the detail you need.

Improved depth perception

Our stereo microscopes give you a real feel for depths of surfaces, making it easy and natural to work with tools for assembling, fixing, inspecting or interacting with the subject.


Highly configurable

Whatever your application or environment, you can configure a Vison Engineering SX microscope to fit your exact needs with a range of high quality options. A choice of eyepieces, objective lenses, accessories and stands let you configure a microscope that’s exactly right for you.


Easy image capture

Ideal for a range of requirements, our easy image captures support all of your sharing, reporting, training, archiving, compliance, and third party communications


One range. Two families. Exceptional choice.

SX Elite is a family of three Greenough microscopes offering magnifications of 190x and 200x – and working distances of up to 8.6″ (220mm) – ideal for ideally suited for inspection, assembly and reworking tasks. SX80 and SX100 are CMO (common main objective) binocular stereo microscopes, and offer a greater zoom range, higher magnifications and modular construction for more versatile configurations.


Technical Specs
SX25 Elite SX45 Elite SX45 Elite TR SX80 SX100
Zoom ratio 4.5 6.3 6.3 8 10
Standard mag. range 10x – 45x 8x – 50x 8x – 50x 8x – 64x 8x – 80x
Lowest/highest mag. 5x – 180x 4x – 200x 4x – 200x 4x – 256x 4x – 320x
Working distance up to 7.09″ (180mm) up to 8.66″ (220mm) up to 8.66″ (220mm) up to 5.12″ (130mm) up to 5.12″ (130mm)
Camera option X X Y Y Y
Stand Options
Bench Stand
Single Arm Boom with Base
Double Arm Boom with Base
Double Arm Boom with Clamp
Articulated Arm Boom with Clamp
Illumination Options
Bench stand includes: incident illumination (overhead, angled) and sub-stage illumination.
64 LED Ringlight
64 LED Quadrant Ringlight
144 LED Quadrant Ringlight
White-UV Ringlight
Camera (optional)
Resolution: 2560 x1920 pixels
Sensor size: 1/2″
Interface: USB2 and USB3
File formats: BMP, JPG, PNG, AVI
Supplied software: ViCapture
Software Options
ViCapture Image and video capture.
DimensionOne Image capture, annotation, on-screen measurement.
DimensionTwo Image capture, annotation, on-screen measurement, camera control.
ViPlus Image capture, analysis, enhancement, annotation, on-screen measurement, camera control, reporting.
VifoxEVO Image capture, annotation, on-screen measurement, camera control, reporting.
Standard power 100V-240V, 50/60Hz, available in all worldwide plug configurations.
Floating Stage: For use with Bench Stand.
Measuring reticle
Frequently asked questions
Yes. Please contact your Vision Engineering representative for details on the available graticules
The SX45-TR Elite is designed with an extra optical path to allow a camera to be fitted for display and image capture. A selection of Vision Engineering cameras and software are available for viewing, capture, reporting and other.
The magnification of the SX series depends on the configurationof the system. The available magnification is a factor of the objective, the internal optics and the selected eyepieces. The maximum magnification for each of the SX series models is: SX25 Elite = 5x – 180x, SX45 Elite = 4x – 200x, SX80 = 4x – 256x, SX100 = 4x – 320x

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