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The future of optical inspection is here

The incredible DRV-Z1 (Deep Reality Viewer) is the world’s first and only digital stereo inspection system which creates full 3D HD images that appears to float in front of your eyes. You don’t need any special glasses or goggles and there are no unpleasant side effects. You just sit back and view high definition 3D images, with outstanding depth perception, as easily as real life.

It is a remarkable invention which is already revolutionizing the way organizations view, capture and share 3D images of the samples they are studying.


A powerful combination

Ideal for inspection and manufacturing applications, the award-winning DRV-Z1 combines the capabilities of an optical stereo microscope with digital measuring technology, in a single unique system. Magnifications between 6.1x – 93x (additional 2x digital) with zoom capabilities are possible, and accurate on-screen measuring can be achieved with our powerful software, such as ViPlus and DimensionOne.


Outstanding ease of use

DRV-Z1’s glasses-free 3D experience with true depth perception, extra wide field of view, high definition resolution and excellent subject clarity, make it a great choice for inspection applications which would otherwise be problematic using conventional technology.


Supreme comfort

The ergonomic design improves comfort, efficiency and productivity by enabling good posture, reducing fatigue. Operators enjoy freedom of head movement, a natural view of the subject and easy hand-eye coordination critical for precision inspection tasks such as re-work, repair and dissection. There are also no limitations for wearers of prescription or safety glasses.


Exceptional ease of use

DRV-Z1 requires minimal setup and is remarkably easy to use, with familiar controls designed specifically for efficiency and convenience. Very little training is required to enjoy the full user and productivity benefits. 2D or 3D can be captured to a USB drive, and the DRV-Z1 can also be connected to a PC for local sharing, or for access to dimensioning software such as ViPlus or DimensionOne.



A long working distance and wide zoom range suit a broad range of industrial and life science applications which require precise hand-eye co-ordination, including those typified by Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Materials Analysis, Medical, Precision Engineering, Prototyping, and more.



Why travel when you can see the same thing, in full 3D HD, in real time, from the comfort of your own workplace? It saves you time, it saves you money and it’s better for the planet.


DRV-Z1 short base

The short-base configuration with illumination from above is suitable for positioning over the working area.


DRV-Z1 long base with sub-stage light

The long base version provides illumination from above and below for opaque, translucent and perforated samples. The low profile base improves working comfort and convenience.

Technical Specs
Objective Lenses Zoom Ratio: 10:1
Lens options Magnification range (optical) Working Distance (mm) Max Field of View (mm)
0.33x 6.1x – 61x 7.17″ (182mm) 65 x 37
0.4x 7.4x – 74x 5.43″ (138mm) 54 x 30
0.5x 9.3x – 93x 3.66″ (93mm) 43 x 24
Digitial Zoom: 2x
Resolution Full stereo HD. 2x Full HD channels
Image Size on concave mirror 15.75″ x 8.86″ (400mm x 225mm) in 16:9 aspect ratio
Outputs and Connectivity
USB2 For image capture to USB drive
HDMI ports For connection to an external monitor, a second DRV-Z1 or to other devices for remote viewing.
Stand and Base options
Counterbalanced stand with 5.90″ (150mm) vertical travel.
Short Base Subjects are placed directly on the workbench for maximum clear working area
Long Base With reversible subject plate for a black or a white background
Long Base with sub-stage. Transmitted (substage) illumination permits viewing in a wider range of applications in electronics, life sciences, films and plastics.
Software Options
(for on-screen measurement via a connected PC)
DimensionOne Image capture, annotation, on-screen measurement.
DimensionTwo Image capture, annotation, on-screen measurement, camera control.
ViPlus Image capture, analysis, enhancement, annotation, on-screen measurement, camera control, reporting.
VifoxEVO Image capture, annotation, on-screen measurement, camera control, reporting.
Standard power 100V-240V, 50/60Hz, available in all worldwide plug configurations.
Frequently asked questions
No. DRV-Z1 allows the saving of paired images which can be shared and used to reproduce the stereo view in separate DRV-Z1 systems.
No. DRV-Z1 intuitive controls makes it easy to use from the start. A comprehensive user manual is provide with the system.
DRV-Z1 uses patented technology that delivers two high resolution channels to the left and right eye giving crisp stereo full HD 3D visualization without the need for special eyewear.on Sample Description
The field of view is dependent on the magnification at which you are viewing and the objective lens that you are using. The widest field of view will be achieved with a lower magnification objective. Field of view reduces as magnification increases. Please refer to the optical data for full details.
The image of DRV is made up of two full HD channels optically combined, thus doubling the line resolution viewed by the user. We refer to the resolution as “full stereo HD”.

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