The Vespereye radio solutions line was created to help in discovering evidence and revealing the truth. Vespereye’s radio devices were developed and assembled in Europe to respond to the investigators’ needs.

The solutions were made out of the passion and experience of Vespereye’s engineers. They are used by military, law enforcement, government and intelligence agencies around the world to gather information and evidence when conducting field operations.


Scout allows you to determine the availability of base stations in specific places and confirm their ranges.


Scout is a professional 2G/3G/4G/5G NSA & 5G SA mobile network scanning device developed in Europe. It lets you effectively detect identities of BTS stations – based on that, it identifies the mobile device through telecommunication operators and establishes real personal data of the suspect.

Remarkable accuracy, passive operating principle and the use of high-end radio technology make the device unique in its class.

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Spector allows you to scan the network environment and monitor the status of devices connected to them.


Spector is a professional tool for monitoring wireless networks in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz standards and reading MAC addresses of specific connected devices. Use Spector when you need to confirm the presence of the devices belonging to a wanted person.

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The Sentinel is designed to help you and your organization to be protected from RF incidents.


Vespereye’s specialists designed this one-of-a-kind tool to defend your radio network environment by combining cutting-edge technology with an extensive understanding of radio forensics.

The Sentinel solution consists of software that controls the connected sensors. The sensors scan the radio environment and report the results to the software that processes the information. If Sentinel system detects an anomaly, it alerts the operator to take action.

Sentinel works as a comprehensive solution used for protecting the radio network environment from unfriendly radio incident.

It enables you to monitor mobile network parameters transmitted by standard MNOs and other transceivers. It can be used both as a permanent infrastructure in a building and in mobile operations.

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