Vehicle Infotainment System Forensics

Part List


  • BGA63NP Adapter
  • VBGA169P Adapter
  • EBGA64P Adapter
  • TSOP56P Adapter
  • TSOP48P Adapter
  • TSOP48AP Adapter
  • SOIC16WP Adapter
  • BGA48P Adapter
  • FBGA137P Adapter
  • BGA149P Adapter
  • TSOP56BP Adapter
  • BGA221P Adapter
  • SOIC8P Adapter
  • BGA100 USB adapter

With your quote you have the option to include the

UP828P BGA Chip Programmer


Infotainment Adapter Collection

Part No:

Infotainment Adapter Collection with Programmer

Part No:

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