OffGrid Duffel Bag


The OffGrid Faraday Duffel Bag isolates multiple devices at the same time from wireless networks.

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Forensic Investigators no longer need to guess which devices to protect in a faraday bag, or whether a faraday bag is strong enough to shield a device near a cell tower. The duffle bag ensures that cell phones, tablets, laptops and GPS units remain isolated from cell, Wifi and Bluetooth networks when devices are placed inside, either loosely or inside of other OffGrid Faraday Bags.

With their devices contained in the bag, operatives, agents and executives can avoid remote hacking or intrusion in risky environments or overseas.

Duffel Bag Uses and Industries
  • Forensics evidence collection & transport
  • Military grab-and-go operations, SSE
  • Federal agents’ devices, protect from hacking and tracking
  • Operatives & Agents Overseas
  • Intelligence operations & agents
  • EOD post-blast forensics, IED transport
  • Private Forensics Labs
  • Business executives concerned with corporate and personal security

Features & Benefits
  • Shield multiple phones, tablets, GPS or laptops
  • Place all devices inside instead of choosing
  • Highest RF signal attenuation on the market with ISOTech faraday fabric
  • Additional shielding for other faraday bags
  • Non-descript outer appearance protects operatives and law enforcement from identification
  • Front transparent pocket holds ID cards
  • Made in U.S.A. – high quality construction and ballistic fabrics

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