OffGrid Data Bag VECTOR Kit


The Data Bag kit provides examiners with the ability to perform mobile device data extraction and charging in the field. The kit can be used in place of a hard-sided lab enclosure to analyze and manipulate devices while maintaining radio frequency shielding.

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The OffGrid Data Bag Vector Kit isolates cell phones, GPS, tablets, laptops and other wireless devices from cellular, Wifi, satellite and Bluetooth signals. The new Vector addition allows usage of touch screen devices without the need for extra pieces like foam or cradles! The included transport bag is a separate faraday bag that further shields the Data Bag in unknown signal environments.

Features & Benefits
  • On-site mobile device extraction
  • Quick evidence collection
  • Device charging while RF shielded
  • Effective smartphone, tablet and GPS device manipulation with VECTOR
  • No foam or cradles required
  • Field-ready and portable
  • Highest shielding on the market with ISOTech & faraday enclosed USB cable
  • Separate faraday transport bag increases shielding in the field



The ONLY RF Enclosure with VECTOR!

VECTOR is a separate faraday cavity built into the side of the Data Bag, made with 2-way stretch faraday fabric. A hand placed inside of the cavity will provide direct contact with touch screen devices with either a finger or the included stylus. The Data Bag is the only filtered portable enclosure on the market with VECTOR!

The VECTOR cavity can also be used to separately shield a wireless device inside the Data Bag, to allow introduction of new objects while maintaining shielding. Place the object in the pocket and twist to shield.

RF Shielding Specs



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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 21.25 × 14.5 × 1 in