Select-a-Shield RF Window Pouches

Visible on-site wireless device data isolation using Select-A-Shield™ Window-Touch Forensic Pouches (patent pending).

Select-a-Shield™ RF/EMI Shielding Pouches prevent cell phones, PDAs, Smartphones, Laptops, and GPS units from getting or sending signals on active networks. Data on these portable devices can be secured on site using Select-a-Shield high performance RF/EMI shielded pouches.

More affordable than lab based non-portable metal enclosures, the Window-Touch Forensic Pouches allows for viewing and hands-on manipulation of wireless devices in an RF tight environment, making sure internal data is not compromised from moment of capture. There is no need to take the captured device back to the laboratory to view information on the device. Lightweight Select-A-Shield Forensic Pouches work with any portable device with capacitive sensing touch screens including smartphones, tablets and GPS units.

Enhanced Visual Access

The oversized see-through, non-glare, shielded mesh window allows for data manipulation in the field without need for a stylus.

Optimum Isolation with Shielded Window-Touch Pouches

High RF shielding performance of -80dB at 1 GHz. Reusable, conductive material will maintain shielding performance for hundreds of captures.

The Select-A-Shield Forensic Window-Touch Pouches are manufactured in the USA with SELECT’s proprietary Silver/Copper/Nickel fabric. This conductive, flexible material is the same fabric used over the past decade to make room sized to tabletop RF shielded tent enclosures. The large, non-glare window is made of double-layer conductive mesh.

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