ACE is a trendsetter in professional tool development for the HDD repair and data recovery industries. Under the ACE Laboratory trademark, ACE develops proprietary data recovery technologies, and provides customers with the most comprehensive and reliable professional data recovery tools on the market through its PC-3000 product line.

ACE has set the standard for professional data recovery tools by continuously perfecting it, and remains the proven leader in the field.


PC-3000 Portable III Systems

The PC-3000 Portable III Ultimate System is a hardware-software solution to recover digital evidence from logically or/and physically damaged SATA/PATA/USB Hard Disk Drives, SATA/M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drives, and RAID. Besides you may overcome the password protection if necessary. The tool is primarily intended for digital forensics experts and has many useful forensic features.


PC-3000 Flash

The PC-3000 Flash is a hardware-software system intended for recovering data from all NAND based devices in such cases where there is no access through the authorized drive interface.


PC-3000 Express System

The fastest, most efficient and most powerful hardware-software solution for recovering data from damaged HDDs based on SATA (Serial ATA) or PATA (IDE) interfaces.


PC-3000 UDMA System

The PC-3000 UDMA system is the “main workforce” for data recovery companies, as it combines high efficiency and reasonable price. Small and medium-sized data recovery companies can use PC-3000 UDMA systems for daily tasks as the main – and only – data recovery tool.


PC-3000 SSD

The PC-3000 SSD contains a set of specialized utilities for working with solid-state drives. This set includes the Universal Utility for diagnosing any SSD based on the ATA-8 specification and the Active Utilities intended for working with a particular drive model in technological mode.