Advanced machine-learning technology that converts electronically recorded speech to text

Nuix Voice powered by Voci integrates Voci’s V-Discovery speech analytics platform with Nuix’s portfolio of products for eDiscovery, investigation, information governance, cybersecurity, and intelligence. It turns recorded and live speech into accurate and fully-punctuated transcripts for analysis, search, and additional downstream processing.

With Nuix Voice powered by Voci, you can search and analyze human speech alongside emails, text messages, documents, chats, and many other sources.

Conduct Full-spectrum Communications Analysis

Perform text analytics and search across all communications—emails, text, chats, recorded phone conversations—and build accurate, content-rich timelines and communication pattern analyses.

Capture Every Detail

Automatically detect specific keywords or phrases during processing. Take advantage of powerful extracted metadata including sentiment and emotion, gender of speaker, silence, time stamped words, confidence ratings, and speaker separation.

Convert Hours of Speech in Minutes

Convert more than 100 hours of recorded audio or video to text in just one hour of clock time on a single appliance. That means you can work through hours of archived recordings and voicemails or monitor conversations in real time.


Deliver Audio Search for Everyone

Automatically convert the speech in every audio or video file to text for faster and easier analysis without the costly and time-consuming need to transcribe.

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About the Technology

Voci’s speech-to-text technology breaks speech out into words, language, dialect, emotion, and speaker. Voci uses a speaker-independent, large vocabulary continuous speech recognizer (LVCSR) to perform speech recognition. The LVCSR comprises two parts: an acoustic model that focuses on how things sound and a language model that focuses on words and word sequences.

Voci’s most evolved language models are currently for North American English, UK English, and Australian English. It is also available for North American and European Spanish, with more languages on the way.