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Kinesense KES


Complete video investigation platform

Video is an important part of the puzzle in major incidents, organized crime and volume crime. With Kinesense KES you can deploy video investigation capability flexibly across your organization, so personnel have functionality when they need it.

By simplifying video processing with automatic search technology and template based workflows, non-technical staff can collect, process, search, review, tag and report on their findings.

KES is available on a network or standalone basis.

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Kinesense LE


Forensic video analysis for investigators – From Capture to Court

Kinesense LE gives investigators advanced video analytics technology in an easy to use application to accelerate investigations, reduce human effort and assure evidential integrity at every stage in the investigation. Import CCTV, bodyworn camera and surveillance footage. This powerful solution enables time-efficient video retrieval, search and reporting from vast amounts of video evidence, whilst ensuring the integrity of your data.

Ideal for:

  • Imaging departments
  • Major investigation teams
  • CCTV investigations

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Covert Suite


Rapid Covert Surveillance Search

CovertSuite is the fast, easy video search and analysis solution for surveillance teams. It has been designed to work with leading recorders (Ovation Systems, Timespace, Covidence etc) and enables investigators to immediately find the events that matter, using advanced video analytics that scan large volumes of footage easily and quickly.

Ideal for:

  • Technical support unit
  • Counter terror units
  • Covert surveillance
  • Intelligence services


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Player Manager


CCTV player manager for frontline police

PlayerManger enables time-efficient video player sorting, storing and sharing. Officers can use it to find the right player, select images and clips and export for suspect charging or interview.

Available as desktop, USB or networked solution.

800+ Virtualized Players

Ideal for:

  • Frontline Police
  • Imaging Departments
  • Volume Crime Teams


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Forensic Video Analysis


Kinesense offers a range of fast and reliable forensic CCTV and eDiscovery services to police, legal and audit teams.

Key services include:

  • Video conversion
  • Blur or highlight individuals or events in video
  • Search or review of video for important events
  • Enhancement or clarification of images and videos

Kinesense also offers consultancy services. Video case management is a key area where significant changes can be made to create efficiencies across the criminal justice system. Kinesense has the proven knowledge and experience to help organizations understand the issues and complexity with video. We offer consultancy services including conducting workshops with key personnel, undertaking performance and audit reviews in relation to video.




Fast, easy video reporting

Kinesense Report enables you to create team briefings and video evidence in minutes. Key features include redaction, annotation and clarification.

Suspect tagging and centralized viewing logs ensures optimal intelligence exploitation.

Ideal for:

  • Major Investigation teams
  • Imaging Departments


Kinesense Report Brochure

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