Foclar Media Enhancement & Analysis

Foclar translates advanced scientific techniques and algorithms for the enhancement and analysis of images and videos to intuitive software applications. These packages are used in forensics and law enforcement with the purpose of revealing as many details as possible.

With more than 25 years of experience in developing software for forensics, Foclar strives to develop the most complete toolbox for the job while keeping it intuitive and easy to use.

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Foclar Products


Computer Reverse Projection

A software tool for image comparison using reverse projection, a form of photogrammetry.

Reverse projection is a quick and very simple way to obtain information about the size of a questioned object or person. By using the same camera as the incident and recreating the scene, you can mix the live camera feed with the earlier recording of the object or person. This method will recreate and hence eliminate all camera distortions. You can now place a “target” in the live feed in the same position as the object/person and estimate the size, shape and visible features of the object/person.

COREPRO helps you to quickly recreate the scene and align the camera in exactly the same position as it was during the recording of the object/person. It contains multiple ways of mixing your reference footage with the live footage for the most accurate estimation. The only thing left to do is to record the result.

These procedures have been successfully used to include or eliminate objects such as weapons, clothing and vehicles, together with the height, size and shape of persons or even facial features – provided the source imagery was suitable.

COREPRO has a width range of input capabilities like IP, Analogue, DVI, VGA, HDMI and DV devices.
Foclar Corepro 1-Year Perpetual License
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Foclar Corepro 1-Year Term Based License
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Forensic image and video enhancement

Everything you need to enhance your image or video the best way possible.

Impress is an extensive toolbox used for the enhancement of images and videos for forensic purposes. It has proven itself for over 20 years in law-enforcement and forensics and is the software tool for the job. The program includes an integrated guide which assists in choosing the best operation for your footage. This document provides you with an overview of features included in this program.


  • All standard image formats like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc
  • Using the FFMS, Media Foundation, Dahua and HikVision video engines at the same time.
  • Supporting a vast range of video formats
  • Import a directory of images to a video.

Video handling

  • Buffered media input
  • Select a part of the video using in and out points.


  • Save a video to uncompressed AVI
  • Save a video to compressed MP4
  • Save an image uncompressed to TIFF, BMP, PNG or WMP
  • Save an image compressed to JPEG or GIF

Processing log

  • Every result will have a corresponding processing log in PDF format
  • Includes original and resulting file name and file hash
  • Includes all operations and their parameters applied on the original file Functionality


  • English
  • Dutch
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Vietnamese
  • New languages can be implemented


  • Filtering can be accelerated using a GPU
  • The possibility to save or load a set of filters
  • Contrast, brightness and colour adjustment
  • Integration
  • Filters for noise, contours, sharpen, deblur and deblock problems
  • Rotation
  • Scaling
  • Cropping
  • Annotation
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Add notes to your project


  • Integrated guide
  • Filter descriptions
  • Parameter descriptions
  • Limitations and alternatives
  • References to literature

Audit trail

  • Everything an operator does is logged
  • Result can be reproduced
  • Forensically sound


  • Windows 8 or higher, x64
  • Minimum of 16 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA CUDA card

Foclar Impress 1-Year Perpetual License
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Foclar Impress 1-Year Term Based License
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Pro Features:
  • Radial distortion correction
  • 4-point warp
  • (Warp) stabilization
  • Super resolution
  • Dehaze
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Custom kernel drawing for deblur
  • Extra window for most of the filters and Extensive parameter options

Foclar Impress Pro 1-Year Perpetual License
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Part No:
Foclar Impress Pro 1-Year Term Based License




Forensic image and video authentication

Everyone has encountered it in some form or shape, manipulation or generation of images and video’s. One can think of videos where famous politicians say things they would never say in public or removing that one person from our holiday pictures which you do not know.

At first this may look harmless and funny but what if this video of a politician saying something will harm international relations? Or what if someone appears in a specific type of video which will harm their reputation?

You can no longer believe what you are seeing. You have to ask yourself what is the source of this footage and if this can be trusted. Especially in forensic applications in which the truth is sought-after.

The new generation of Mandet is a platform build to help search for traces of manipulation in both images and video. The program consist of different components:

  • Image/Single frame filters
    Different filters which can be applied on an image or frame. In collaboration with DuckDuckGoose external link , we have integrated an artificial intelligence (AI) based DeepFake detection filter.
  • Video Analysis
    These will analyze specific signals through the whole video.
  • Hexadecimal viewer with file layout for png and jpeg
    Review the actual bytes of a file using Hexadecimal and ASCII tables
    and review the format specific building blocks of a file.
  • Camera Ballistics
    Match a specific image to a specific camera using PRNU.
  • Integrated report building and export to pdf, html or docx file.
  • Because analysing an image can be a time consuming job, the software is set up in such a way that applying multiple filters, video analysers, etc at the same time is very easy. Simply browse through the results and further investigate striking features in the detail windows.

    It is also possible to compare two files for the filter results, metadata and hexadecimal viewer. This also works for videos, which can be navigated simultaneously or independent.


    Foclar Mandet 1-Year Perpetual License
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    Part No:
    Foclar Mandet Pro 1-Year Term Based License


    Pro Features:
  • Deepfake Detection
  • Analysis of the root mean square contrast signal through video
  • Analysis of the hue, saturation, and intensity channels
  • Analysis of the noise trends
  • Analysis of the correlation values between subsequent video frames
  • Ruler tool to measure objects

Foclar Mandet Pro 1-Year Perpetual License
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Part No:
Foclar Mandet Pro 1-Year Term Based License


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