FINALMobile Forensics


An Essential Tool for Mobile Device Forensic Investigators

FINALMobile Forensics offers one of the most advanced and easy-to-use data carving tools for the mobile forensic community. It captures/analyses the mobile device’s raw data and uses a database wizard to streamline the acquisition procedure, providing greater acquisition of “deleted” and “live” data that can be undetected with a logical file acquisition.

The FINALMobile engine is built to first reconstruct the file system, then to parse the data. If the file system fails to populate, the tool can still analyze data by searching each sector for specific data. Data is organized and searchable by advanced categories of time, name, number, image size, keywords etc. for quick recovery of specific information, and it can be exported into Excel, PowerPoint or HTML reports for use during investigation or trial. This software can acquire data from the most recent phones along with the many devices it already supports.


FINAL Mobile Forensics is A Leader in Data Parsing and Analysis

The main purpose of FINALMobile Forensics is to create an accurate and detailed parsing of the raw data within the file system. As long as the binary data is extractable, the program can search through the files for specific data content. The program is able to read Final Mobile generated phone images (MEFs) along with files generated by other means. Once the data is loaded, the program will apply the appropriate parsing rules (CDF scripts) to the designated files and folders based on the model number of the mobile device. If the desired model is not listed, Users can elect to run all scripts against the files to appropriate parsing. The results are displayed in an easy-to-read and exportable spreadsheet format.

Competing tools continue to develop their techniques for gathering raw data files logically or physically, and FINALMobile Forensics can analyze these files as well. The Final Mobile engine is built to first reconstruct the file system, and then to parse the data. If the file system fails to populate, we can still analyze the data by searching each sector for specific data patterns.

Being There for the Industry

As the industry continues to grow, the Final Mobile engineers strive to serve the community by assisting investigators and attorneys find critical data necessary to acquit the innocent and convict the guilty. Input from users to ensure FINALMobile Forensics can help us achieve this goal is always welcome.

It is always a good idea to verify the results. A unique data format may cause improper display of the data. We provide free and quick assistance to verify your results, search for specific data, update/create scripts, or answer any questions in using FINALMobile Forensics.

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