dvr examiner


Intelligent DVR Evidence Recovery

There are so many models of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) in the field, it is next to impossible to keep up with all the changes in technology. Each type of DVR requires the person recovering evidence to become an on-the-spot expert. Often times it takes a significant amount of time and research to extract the evidence from the DVR. Sometimes the DVRs will apply compression during the export process, which also reduces the quality of the extracted video. DVR Examiner provides a simple solution for these problems by unifying the interface for the retrieval of video evidence. This eliminates learning the operations of each DVR on the market. With as few as 10 total clicks, you can detect, scan and export evidence from supported DVRs.


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Recover CCTV DVR Video in 3 easy steps!


  • DVR Examiner identifies the unique filesystem of the DVR, regardless of the make or model.


  • DVR Examiner scans the DVR hard drive and recovers the proprietary metadata, presenting you with a complete list of available video clips.


  • Sort, filter and export open or proprietary video clips in minutes with the easy to use interface. Easy to read report included!

DVR Examiner VS Traditional DVR Recovery


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