Do you want to acquire the browser history of a PC used by a suspect in a cybercafé? Or do you need to extract the email communications from an employee you believe is linking company information? Made for undercover operations, Detego® Covert is a portable exploitation tool that discreetly acquires passwords, system information, files, internet artefacts, deleted data and even a complete forensic copy of the target device.

Key Benefits

  • Acquire Intel at Sensitive Sites: Used by elite police units and special forces worldwide, quickly and discreetly acquire evidence from sensitive areas where it would otherwise be impossible.
  • Low Training Burden: Within a 10-minute training overhead, equip non-technical operatives with a tool capable of acquiring instant, actionable intelligence.
  • A Fully Portable Solution: The software is licenced to a removable USB device to create a highly portable, pocket-sized solution.

Included in the following part packages:

Detego® Suite Standard
Includes Field, Media Acquisition, DFMD, Fusion, Covert and Analyse

Detego® Suite Pro
Includes Field, Media Acquisition, DFMD, Fusion, Covert, Ballistic Imager and Analyse

Detego® Suite Ultimate
Includes Field, Media Acquisition, Fusion, Covert, Ballistic Imager, Detego MD and Analyse

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