Designed initially for High Value Special Forces missions, The Detego® Deployment Pack, which includes both Hardware and Software, has evolved through extensive development into the first end-to-end, user friendly, digital exploitation solution for the military. Now the standard choice tool utilised by multiple operations groups globally.

In the changing world of military operations towards countering terrorism and serious organised criminality, the exploitation of digital data is universally recognised as a critical advantage against enemy operatives and forces. The ability for military organisations to exploit this area is critical for operational effectiveness – gathering intelligence in an instant so that both strategic and ‘on the ground’ decisions can be made, based on accurate and real-time information.

  • Detego Ballistic and Detego Covert – Rapid imaging and triage (logical file) extractions cross platform.
  • Detego Forensic Platform – Multi imaging and triage of removable media and hard disks, including image parser and hash function.
  • UFED4PC / X-RY Complete – Cell phone logical, physical and file based extractions.
  • Intelligent fusion – Find links between the above media and much more.

Key Points:

  • All capability in one case
  • Highly scalable
  • Find links on scene
  • Ideal for field and covert


The Detego® Unified Forensics Platform: ‘all-in one’ digital forensic suite of tools that allow you to acquire, analyse and act on data from all types of digital devices.

  • Detego Field Triage
  • Detego Media Acquisition
  • Detego Ballistic
  • Detego Covert
  • Detego Analyze
  • Includes Boot option


  • 256GB HyperX Drive
  • Express adapter
  • Ext cables X2
  • Boot drive/CD
  • Esata cable
  • External Samsung DVD Drive
  • USB 3.0 to SATA cable
  • eSATA to SATA Cable
  • Neoprene case
  • Detego Deployment Pack Softpack

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