Detego Forensics Platform is a rapid, automated and simple to use forensic imager and viewer for USB devices & memory cards – even hard drives, GPS and phones. Instantly view live and deleted files. Image and view multiple devices simultaneously in minutes.

Detego® Media Acquisition allows the end user to forensically image multiple devices simultaneously (in minutes), but crucially added to this is the key ability to ‘real time’ acquire and examine both live and deleted data.

Key Points:

  • At the press of a button, live and deleted files that are on the media device are instantly viewable.
  • Simultaneously image, and view live and deleted files from multiple connected USB devices (typically up to 4–8 at a time).
  • The intuitive interface allows non-technical users to acquire data in seconds; this coupled with multi extractions cuts the time an Operator has to spend on a subject.

Detego® Media Acquisition is a rapid, automated and simple to use forensic imaging solution for acquiring and viewing data from USB devices and other removable media such as:

  • SD cards
  • micro SD cards
  • portable external drives
  • IDE and SATA drives
  • CD
  • DVD
  • Blu-ray

Other Features:
View live files
Logical data streamed in ‘live time’ for easy identification of case critical information
Automatically matches against pre-loaded watch-lists and hash sets and other features such as skin and face detection
Multiple imaging
Forensically image single or multiple removable devices simultaneously
Pause and pin ability to select and bookmark / tag evidential data, maximising the efficiency of an investigation and optimising time
Recover deleted data
Carve data from single or multiple image files simultaneously and quickly
Ability to attack removable media, SD cards, Hard Disk Drives, Image files, directories/folders and physical partitions
‘Plug and play’ with touch button rapid results for technical and non-technical users
Define the logical acquisition parameters to acquire all files or decrease investigation times by targeting artefacts, for example pictures, videos, documents, email etc.
Familiar interface
The Detego® Analyse File Viewer provides an easy to use gallery panel for investigators to visualise and examine all acquired data

Detego® Media Acquisition is a feature rich tool which can be used by both field based operatives and lab-based analysts. View our Detego Media Acquisition PDF for more information.

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