The World’s Fastest Forensic Imaging Solution

Detego® Ballistic Imager is the world’s fastest patented forensic imaging tool and an obvious choice for Tactical Media Exploitation (TME) and Digital Media Exploitation (DOMEX) investigations. Detego® Ballistic Imagers’ field-proven and unique capability, minimizes acquisition times in the critical, time-pressured environments, often encountered by police, military and intelligence agencies.

Detego Ballistic Imager will forensically copy (Binary DD image) hard disk drives in minutes, without the need for removal and requires minimal training.

Key Points:

  • World’s fastest patented hard drive imaging system
  • No digital trace, forensically sound
  • No requirement to remove hard drives
  • Progress bar and ‘time to complete information’
  • Operational on Windows, Linux and Apple Mac Systems
  • Forensically sound, with MD5 and SHA1 Validation
  • Simple to use with minimal training requirements for non-technical users
  • Covert mode for times when you are acquiring data in the public

Rapid Imaging

When imaging a drive you will achieve different speeds depending on the target devices specification.
A brand new SSD machine with USB 3 and eSata ports will image significantly quicker than a 5 year old
HDD machine. Regardless of the machine specification Detego® Ballistic is sure to image quicker than any other solution on the market. Below are the speeds that you can expect:


Hard Drive Mid Spec Machine High Spec Machine
128 GB Drive : <4 mins <3 mins
256 GB Drive : <8 mins <7 mins
512 GB Drive : <16 mins <13 mins
1028 GB Drive : <32 mins <26 mins


Standard Imaging vs Detego Ballistic Imager Extraction

Standard imaging uses a single collector to make a physical image from one disk to the other. Detego® Ballistic Imager is a patented solution for imaging a hard drive using multiple collection devices.

Limitations to Standard Imaging:

  • USB data throughput limitations writing data to a single device will result in longer imaging times.
  • Need to have a single collector that can accommodate the disk being imaged.

Why choose Detego® Ballistic Imager:

  • High data transfer speeds achieved by writing to multiple collectors simultaneously.
  • Use of multiple collectors allows to use smaller capacity collectors.



View our Detego Ballistic Imager PDF for more information.

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