Detego® Ballistic Imager is the world’s fastest patented forensic imaging tool and an obvious choice for tactical media exploitation, DOMEX and time-critical investigations. Detego® Ballistic offers imaging speeds 4x faster than the average due to its pioneering design that acquires data using multiple collection devices.

Detego® Ballistic Imager intelligently allows for data collectors to be added and removed at any point of the imaging process. Any already acquired data will not be lost. The acquired data is seamlessly stitched together and imported into Detego® Analyse for further investigation.

Specifically designed to combat the main obstacles faced by front-line operatives the Detego® Ballistic software is licenced to removable storage devices, providing a pocket-sized acquisition tool perfect for a variety of scenarios including hostile environments, covert operations and sensitive site exploitation.

Deploy ballistic imager against Windows, Linux and Apple Mac operating systems with its forensically sound
MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 hash validation. It also features an intuitive interface that’s easily managed by nontechnical users within a quick 30-minute training overhead.

Standard Imaging vs Detego® Ballistic Imager Extraction.

Standard imaging uses a single collector to make a physical image from one disk to another. In contrast, Detego ® Ballistic is a patented solution for imaging a hard drive using multiple collection devices.

Limitations to Standard Imaging:

  • USB throughput limitations cause longer imaging times because of writing data to a single device.
  • Requires a single collector large enough to accommodate the suspect drive.

Reasons to Choose Detego® Ballistic Imager:

  • You can achieve high transfer speeds by simultaneously writing to multiple collectors.
  • Add or remove collectors at any point of the imaging process without erasing the data already

View our Detego Ballistic Imager PDF for more information.

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