Portable, Self Contained Field Forensics Kit for Mobile Phones and Devices

Portable, fast, and easy to operate, the UFED Ruggedized System is self-powered by an internal rechargeable battery, facilitating truly untethered operation in even the most remote locations.

The Cellebrite UFED Ruggedized kit is a complete end-to-end solution contained in a hard case for safe transport which includes: a UFED Ruggedized device, a universal rapid phone charger, 85+ data cables, a USB flash drive, and other mission critical accessories.

Data is extracted onto a USB flash drive or SD card which is organized into clear and concise reports. The data can easily be exported to the leading data mining and link analysis tools, providing the fastest, most effective data acquisition and analysis system available.

UFED Ruggedized highlights and enhancements
  • Battery operated handheld device doesn’t require a computer for data extraction – The UFED Ruggedized device is completely self-contained and self-powered via internal rechargeable battery for field portability. The battery provides approximately 4 hours of continuous usage between charging and 8 hours of stand-by with an integrated LED battery state-of-charge indicator. Recharging is made easy using the standard 15V AC power source or the 12V DC rapid charging in-vehicle car adaptor.

  • Protective UFED rubberized casing – The UFED is protected by rubberized, thermoplastic housing designed to provide additional shock protection and improve grip in harsh environments, and specially-designed hinged plastic covers to protect exposed data ports from dirt, sand and other possible contaminants.

  • Superior handset support - Over 3,000 handset models supported, with monthly software updates for newly released devices prior to carrier launch. The system includes more than 85 data cables for connecting 95% of all handset models worldwide. Cellebrite has exclusive carrier agreements and works directly with cellular phone manufacturers to receive pre-production handsets prior to retail launch.

  • Complete extraction of mobile phone data - Contacts, SMS Messages, pictures, videos, call logs (dialed, received, missed), ESN/IMEI, audio files, and deleted SMS/Call History from the SIM/USIM.

  • SIM ID cloning via built in SIM reader - Extract phone data when the SIM Card is PIN locked or when the SIM is not available. Network connection is neutralized while handset is extracted, meanwhile making the phone is invisible to the network.

  • Memory Dump - Complete dump of phone file system for select handsets, providing the ability to extract otherwise inaccessible files, and user passwords.

  • Hard case for portable transport - All components included in a protective hard case with carrying strap designed to stand up to the harshest military field conditions.

  • Universal phone charger - For rapid charging of handsets/PDAs in the field which are found with no battery life remaining. Includes more than 40 charging tips with phone booster for the majority of handsets available worldwide.

  • Language support - Unicode supported content extraction from devices using European, Asian, and Middle-Eastern alphabet systems.

  • Multilingual user interface - Native support for 22 languages

UFED Ruggedized Kit Includes

Part No:
AP-UFEDTUR-LE – for law enforcement

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