Specifically Designed
for Logical Extractions

Available with the logical license is the PC based application, UFED Logical Analyzer: A simplified analysis and reporting tool for logical extractions. Its capabilities enable extracted data and passwords to be presented in a clear and concise manner.

The UFED Logical Analyzer's rich features are only a small fragment of the UFED Physical Analyzer capabilities. Once a user upgrades from a logical license to an ultimate license, the software will be upgraded to the UFED Physical Analyzer.

Note: UFED Logical Analyzer has replaced the UFED Report Manager.

UFED Logical Analyzer Features Include:
  • Rich Set of Data – Includes calendar, call logs, contacts SMS, MMS, chats, passwords
  • Advanced Search – Based either on open text or specific parameters
  • Watch List – Ability to highlight information based on predefined list of values
  • Timeline – Monitor events in a single chronological view
  • All Projects Field Search – Quick search within data in parallel projects
  • Conversation View – View communications between sources in date and time order
  • Entities Bookmarks – Quick reference pointer can be set to analyzed data and a data file item
  • Generate and Customize Reports – In different formats. E.g.; PDF, HTML, XML and Excel. Users can customize reports by adding a header and footer, department logo etc.
  • Multilingual User Interface

Part No:
AP-UFED-4PCL-LE – Law Enforcement Only

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