Physical and Logical Data Extraction from Phones Manufactured with Chinese Chipsets

Cellebrite's UFED CHINEX solution enables the logical and physical extraction of evidentiary data and passwords from phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets – MTK and Spreadtrum.

The UFED CHINEX is available as an add-on to the Ultimate solution, enhancing mobile forensic investigation capabilities whether in the field or lab.
At a Glance
  • Physical extraction of existing, hidden and deleted data
  • State-of-the-art decoding and reporting of data with UFED Physical Analyzer: Call logs, SMS, MMS, videos, images, deleted data, GPS and much more
  • User password extraction
  • Automatic pin-out recognition
  • Ability to bypass user lock code from these devices and decode the user lock from the extraction with UFED Physical Analyzer
  • Part of Cellebrite's UFED Series - Recognized by experts as the industry standard in mobile forensics
  • UFED Support - Adding substantially to the thousands of mobile devices already supported by UFED Series
  • Forensically Sound - Based on Cellebrite's proprietary boot loaders to ensure that evidence from mobile phones is extracted in a forensically sound manner
  • Enhanced Decoding - UFED Physical Analyzer is the most powerful mobile forensic application available. It provides users with advanced decoding, analysis and reporting functions with its intuitive user interface, instant search, advanced highlights engine, superb hex viewer, report generator and much more

How it Works

Using the UFED CHINEX is simple and efficient: The UFED CHINEX connectivity box acts as the interface between the phone and the UFED. The UFED enables the automatic pin-out identication. By selecting “Chinese phones physical extraction” in the UFED menu, the phone pin-out will be detected and the extraction to a USB disk drive will start automatically.

Using the UFED Physical Analyzer, users can decode the extracted data and create customized reports in multiple formats.

The Chinese Chipset Market

Rising to the challenge of the overwhelming number of phones with Chinese chipsets ooding the international market, Cellebrite's UFED CHINEX presents a solution for the forensically sound logical and physical extraction of data and passwords from these devices.

UFED CHINEX supports two of the biggest names in the Chinese chipset market; MTK (Mediatek) and Spreadtrum. MTK is the largest market-share holder with nearly 70 percent and Spreadtrum holds a market share close to 25 percent.

Over the years, sales of these devices have skyrocketed mainly because they are cheaper, frequently offer more features than are commonly available on recognized brands and are widely distributed on a global scale.



Cellebrite’s UFED CHINEX solution leverages a third-party hardware interface while the forensically sound extraction is implemented using proprietary boot loaders.

Advanced decoding is enabled with UFED Physical Analyzer; the industry’s most powerful application tool. Decoding chain and plug-ins are also the result of extensive Cellebrite research and development.

The UFED CHINEX kit contains everything you need for field or lab usage. Cellebrite takes care of the smallest details, providing a complete solution and leaving you worry-free to concentrate on your investigation.
The kit contains:
  • Enhanced phone adapter
  • Adapter cables
  • A large selection of individual connectors
  • USB cable
  • Quick User Guide
Part No:
AP-UFED-CNX-LE - for law enforcement

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