UP-828P Programmer

The UP-828P Series High Speed Universal Programmer enables examiners the ability to acquire the data from a variety of flash memory, including:

  • MoviNAND
  • iNAND
  • eMMC
  • eMCP

The UP-828P Programmer offers a growing number of adapters, supporting a growing number of mobile device memory chips. Comes with the VBGA169P Socket Adapter.

Part No:



Suggested Adapters:

BGA 63NP Part#: AP-UP-BGA63NP BGA63NP Adapter for Navigation Systems
BGA 67NP Part#: AP-UP-BGA67NP BGA67NP Adapter for IoT Devices such as Google Home and Mini, as well as Chromecast. All use a Toshiba TC58NVG1S3HBAI6.
VBGA 221P Part#: AP-UP-VBGA221P VBGA221P Adapter for UP828P Chip Programmer
VBGA 529P Part#: AP-UP-VBGA529P VBGA529P Adapter For UP828P Chip Programmer
SBGA 137NP Part#: AP-UP-SBGA137NP SBGA152P Adapter for UP828P Chip Programmer
SBGA 152P Part#: AP-UP-SBGA152 For BlackBerry Devices
VBGA 169P Part#: AP-UP-VBGA169P  Supports some MOVINAND/iNAND/EMMC memory found on the newer BlackBerry 9000 series devices and many Android phones
SBGA 199P Part#: AP-UP-SBGA199  Supports some of the NAND memory chips found on the early 9000 BlackBerrys  and other phones (0.65mm)
FBGA 167P Part#: AP-UP-FBGA167  Supports some of the NAND memory chips found in feature and older smartphones
VBGA 162P Part#: AP-UP-VBGA162  Supports some MOVINAND/iNAND/EMMC memory found on newer  smartphones and tablets
FBGA 137P Part#: AP-UP-FBGA137  Supports chips found in many feature and burner phones 
TSOP 48P Part#: AP-UP-TSOP48  Supports Flash memory TSOP chips – 48 Pin
VBGA 186P Part#: AP-UP-VBGA186  Supports EMMC memory found on newer smartphones and tablets

Additional Adapters and Custom-Made Adapters Per Customer Requirements Available

PDF: TeelTech Chip-off Starter Kit Brochure

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UP 828P Programmer with Universal Adapters
Simple, Clean Interface – Fast Operation
Adapters for BGA and TSOP memory
in mobile devices and other media
Sturdy, Quality Made Adapters



Teel Technologies is proud to be the only Reseller of UP&UP Programmers and Adapters in North America