DMX Field Kits

The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Forensics

The DMX Kits enable collection teams with the ability to quickly and comprehensively collect data from media commonly found at target locations. Incorporated in the kit is the CFID handheld forensic imaging tool for imaging USB/SD, SIM, Android & iOS, and optional SkySafe UAV direct-connect acquisitions, forensically collecting flight data from more drones than and other forensic tool on the market today.

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Industry-Leading Triage Tool and Unparalleled PC Imaging Speeds

ncorporating The Detego Field Triage and optional Ballistic Imaging tools provide investigators with targeted acquisitions, watch&hash and password searches and the world’s fastest PC imaging with Ballistic — capable of imaging a 1TB SSD drive in less than 30 minutes. Ballistic operates without the need for hard drive removal), either through a USB port if the machine is in a ‘live’ state or in Boot mode. Both the Detego Field and Ballistic software can be licensed to any removable USB device or hard drive.

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Optional Mobile Device Forensic Tool Inclusion

Per user requirements, the DMX kits can include Mobile Device Forensic tools. Oxygen can be bundled within the Detego platform or separate, and UFED can be included with the kit, as well.

4TB Collector Pack

2 – M.2 1TB Drives
4 – 512 GB Fast USBs

Packaged in a compact, organized case with cables and drives.

Packaging and Pricing Options

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