LEAP - Law Enforcement Analytics Platform

With the advance of technical development, smartphones contain more and more data, so the focused search for evidence in mobile forensic investigations becomes increasingly difficult. The manual inspection of seized data binds ever more resources, leading to shortages in staff and consequently backlogs.

LEAP allows the use of smartphones to identify persons, as well as to probe for possible incriminating material – for example at immigration checkpoints, seizure of suspect persons, or in ongoing mobile forensic investigations.

T3K’s IVy technology is used for a cutting-edge image and video analysis. It can not only be used to scan contents of mobile devices for specific contents, but LEAP Media Analysis can also be used to upload and analyze the contents of folders with media data from other sources like external drives or zip files.

Within a few minutes of the data extraction or upload, LEAP will present meaningful information.

A concise report focused on the relevant information is created which includes:

✓ Security Watchlists
✓ Identity and Location Data
✓ Communication Analysis
✓ Interlink Analysis of Multiple Extractions
✓ Photo and Video Analysis, using IVy technology

LEAP (Law Enforcement Analytics Platform) supports investigators and forensic analysts by quickly analyzing data from smartphones and other sources, pinpointing relevant data and focusing the investigation. It provides an instant and easy to understand overview of risk potentials to prioritize cases.


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