LEAP - Law Enforcement Analytics Platform

LEAP (Law Enforcement Analytical Platform) is an automated tool for quick analysis of mobile device extractions and other media sources. LEAP is designed to provide the user with a “quick look” and an informative overview of the contents of source data from digital devices, with a focus on analysing media content.

LEAP automatically generates fast analytical reports to instantly focus an investigation, identify priority targets and devices and provide relevant information.

Specific Threat Analysis
  • T3K’s sophisticated machine learning technology provides automated and semi-automated analytical support to specific use-cases. These Al modules can also be customised and trained to support your particular law enforcement operations and need for fast forensic analysis.
  • Verifying identity and country of origin and allowing threat screening of travellers
  • Providing automated media classification to detect illicit contents
  • Answering first questions for investigators in minutes thanks to automated reporting
  • Screening can easily be done by technical laymen due to seamless integration into existing workflows
  • Gives customers a chance to prioritise cases and devices by quickly scanning extracted data from seized device
  • Used for immigration and organized crime, CSAM (child sexual abuse material), TVEC (terrorist and violent extremist content), anti-fraud, and many more

  • Fast Actionable Intel: Automatic reporting and aggregated data allow investigators to make decisions faster and progress their investigation without waiting for manual analysis and reporting processes
  • Standardised Approach: Analysis profiles can be configured and then set to run automatically
  • Minimal Training: LEAP is designed to be simple to use and leverages a web- based GUI allowing access on multiple device and platform types without the need to install a client on each one
  • Fast Data Screening: LEAP’s powerful media analysis engine is capable of rapidly screening thousands of images, videos and documents and uses machine learning technology to identify relevant content

Leap Setup
  • MSAB Extended XML
  • Cellebrite UFDR
  • Oxygen Forensics XML
  • MobilEdit XML & UFDR
  • Forensic Image (.E01)
  • Raw Disk Image (.dd, .001 etc)
  • Grayshift Graykey .ZIP

LEAP is ideally suited as a networked solution, utilising a centralised server setup of varying scales. However, all software developed by T3K is fully containerized, allowing for easy adoptions into the most common cloud environments.


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