FaceChecks® - Robo Receptionist


Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way organizations improve their business processes, customer satisfaction and sales while reducing operating costs.

The FaceChecks virtual receptionist uses patent-pending facial recognition software to manage and network visiting members, and the solution can provide active member and visitor management and connectivity with an application hosted in the cloud.

When a member or visitor arrives to your business, the FaceChecks system can recognize the individual and note when the member/visitor is on site and when the member/visitor has departed.

With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) based face recognition technology, the ability to recognize a person entering a controlled area is nearly as strong as humans. Therefore, if a picture of a person is already in the face recognition system, a member or visitor can be immediately recognized upon entering the company premises.

Facechecks brings a new and better way to control access to premises and interact with visitors. Beyond the facility use for Facechecks, there are many applications where the technology can be utilized for security purposes. For more information, please contact Teel Technologies or FaceChecks at FaceChecks.com.


The Process

1. Create Employee Database

2. Employee Details

3. Entry / Exit Logs Search Details
with Confidence Levels

4. Camera View Details




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