Drone Forensic Analysis

Welcome to the world of UAV’s! Learn how to fly a Drone followed by best practices in conducting forensically sound extractions and analysis of UAS data.

Introduction to UAV Forensics

  • Introduction to sUAS
  • Criminal use of UAV’s
  • Manufacturers variables
  • Attack vectors – risks to public safety
  • Drone adaptation
  • Capacity & Capability of drones
  • Health & Safety – Handling & Seizure
  • Health & Safety – LiPo Batteries
  • Linked devices – Controller Considerations
  • Digital vs. Physical Evidence
  • Packaging / Storage & Continuity
  • Understanding how flight logs are created & updated
    • Aircraft power on a flowchart.

Components of sUAS

  • Components and features of small unmanned aircraft systems(sUAS)
  • Controller options
    • Mobile and Tablet Devices
    • Bespoke flight controllers
    • Integrated displays
    • FPV controllers
  • Autonomous flights
    • Return-to-home feature
    • WiFi controls
    • Signal interception.

Learning to Fly

  • Unpack ‘your’ aircraft
  • Recognizing components within the box
  • Basic instruction on flying the drone
  • Practical exercises in flying your drone
    • Collection techniques.

Extraction Techniques

  • Extraction of data from the aircraft
  • Extraction of data from the mobile \ tablet device
  • Extraction of controller data
  • Disassembling techniques
    • Arguments for and against

Interpretation of Data

  • Techniques in using open source and commercial forensic tools to review the data
    • Interpretation of data contained on the UAV
      • File System considerations
      • Registered user information
      • Aircraft details
      • Flight log analysis techniques
    • Interpretation of data from portable devices
      • Default folder structures of the controlling app from an Android and iOS device
      • Synchronized logs vs. local logs
      • Error log analysis
      • Media file examination (geolocations and dates & times)
      • Workflows in combining offline files for further analysis
  • Techniques in the interpretation of additional data on other devices.

Advanced Analysis Techniques

  • Flight recorder“Blackbox”
  • Advanced examination workflows
  • Additional App & Controller considerations
  • Linking hardware devices within the sUAS
  • Simplification of data – graphical representation
  • Mapping of flight paths.

Presentation of Evidence in court

  • Discussion on courtroom preparation & presentation

Report Writing

  • Glossary of terms
  • Overview of UAV report considerations
  • Report writing practical

Final Assessment

  • Student knowledge assessment.

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