Digital Forensics Training for DOMEX and Cellex Operatives

Teel Technologies’ Operator Training teaches frontline collectors and digital forensics operatives the skills required to effectively and efficiently collect valuable data using the leading field digital forensic tools, including CFID, Detego, Talon, UFED and XRY, among others as required.   A course created by DOMEX SME with 10+ years experience in the field, the course was designed specifically for today’s operator.

Operator One Course

The Operator One “OO” course is an intensive essential skills course enabling operators to master each of the tools’ core functions, while intelligently and efficiently processing the variety of media they will be confronted with. The class focuses on instilling fundamental operation to ensure operators are comfortable utilizing the equipment when required. Students will leave with the know-how to collect data efficiently and effectively from mobile devices, PCs, drones, SIMs, thumbdrives, flash and other removable memory. Graduates from the course will receive an “Operator One” certificate.

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Operator Two Course

The two-week Operator Two “OT” course is aimed at the intermediate-to-advanced digital forensic operator, and expands upon the fundamentals taught in the Operator One class. Tool and process focused, the course teaches advanced techniques and additional tool features, enabling operators to acquire more data from more devices with their equipment. Data aggregation and analysis using the tools are introduced in the OT class, giving students the opportunity to dig deeper. The course is taught stressing efficiencies in workflow to ensure maximum data is recovered and disseminated in the time allowed.

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Both courses are modular by design, and can be tuned to the customer’s unique requirements and preferred gear. Additional tools and techniques taught include, Flasherbox and Bootloader, Atola, Oxygen and PC-3000, among other advanced techniques.

  • Courses delivered on customer site if required, or at place of choosing – anywhere.
  • Low student minimums.
  • Short lead times for course scheduling. We’ll work around your timeframe.


Additional Training

CFID Certifciation Training
The two-day CFID Certification Course provides a comprehensive education into all aspects of the CFID, from its primary collection capabilities of Media, Mobile Devices and UAVs, to its advanced features, including watchlist and smart copy, drone data analysis, PC imaging, and reach-back.

Detego Certification Training
The Three-Day Detego Certification Training course covers all components of the Detego Suite, and provides operators and examiners a complete education into the comprehensive tool. The class covers the data collection capabilities of Ballistic, Field Triage and Media, as well as using the tools within the suite to expedite processing and analyzing media in the lab. Students graduating the class will leave with a command of the Detego suite of tools for use in both scenarios.

Chip-off, JTAG, ISP and Bootloader for the Field Lab and FOB
The TeelTech courses in advanced techniques for the forward deployed enable examiners in the field to perform chip-level data recovery, as well as use alternative techniques, such as employing bootloaders and flasher boxes to unlock or bypass encryption to recover data from mobile devices not supported or accessible with commercial tools. The Teel Tech courses teach students skills from the best and most efficient techniques for device disassembly, and where required chip removal and recovery, as well as how to set-up and use the variety of flasher boxes and software. The TeelTech training courses can be delivered to complement and teach students how to set-up and use the portable TeelTech Advanced Deployable Forensic Lab.

Access and recover data from regional brands and Chinese chipset devices.