Detego Refresh Training

Join Teel Technologies and DETEGO DOMEX SME’s for Free, Live, Online & Fast-paced weekly short DETEGO Refresher Sessions.

Join MCMS and TeelTech for bi-weekly 30 – 45 minute educational talks on the Detego Suite of tools for PC, Phone and Media Triage and Analysis. Each session will cover new features of the solution for both the field and lab users. With the many innovative advancements and capabilities the MCMS team continues to add to Detego, these brief lessons will help users and interested parties keep pace with the evolving solution.

The talks will occur every other Tuesday at 11am ET. We look forward to having you!

The Training Sessions:
Fast-paced 30 minute refresher sessions on the key functionality of the Detego Forensics Platform.

Who Should Attend:
Anyone who uses Detego, teaches on Detego or would like to become familiar with the tool and the latest features.

When Are The Classes:
We will be holding the classes weekly on Fridays at 11:00 EST, or on-demand per user or group requirements. We can schedule classes per your needs, at the days and times required. Contact Justin Allison at Teel Technologies to schedule a group class.

How Are The Classes Delivered:
Currently the courses will be delivered live online, via Teams or Zoom, or the teleconferencing option of choice for attendees.

What Do I Need to Attend:
Your Detego forensic kit with active SW running. Some case data will be provided, however if possible, a suspect type computer, suspect USB’s etc would be handy-however you Detego Laptop and Collector USBs can be used if needed.


Next Training Dates are:
Knowledge Dispels Fear | Friend or Foe
Tuesday March 30, 2021
11am ET / 8am PT
Third party tools- see how Detego can ingest other products outputs such as Cellebrite, CFID and image files to enhance the result with Detego Analyse. We will take a look at working with other agencies or sharing data, exporting data, Portable Viewer, reports, baked in forensics management and audit trails.

All lessons will be recorded and available at the TeelTech DMX Shop for Operators using CFID and Detego.
Registration is required as only qualified users are permitted access. You can register here.