Our Complete Workbench Kit gear kit provides all the necessary equipment for the forensic examiner to perform advanced data recovery or general repair, and includes tools for soldering, removing chips, and preparation of components for data reads. Whether you’ll be performing JTAG, ISP or Chip-off, the Complete Workbench kit is a cost-effective, yet comprehensive collection of tools for the lab. Contact us for the complete list of items in the kit.

The Complete Workbench Kit comes with a quality AmScope microscope for device inspection. For higher resolution, greater magnification, we recommend upgrading the kit with Tagarno, Vision System or a more powerful Amscope. Check our Microscope/Inspection station page for more details.


**Image does not represent exact contents of the kit**


Complete Workbench Pro Kit

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Each kit is available in 120V and 220V versions.



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