Workbench gear

Teel Technologies offers a comprehensive selection of equipment for the digital forensic expert’s workbench. Below you’ll see links to our Complete Workbench Kits as well as a variety Workbench Gear.

Our Complete Workbench and the Complete Workbench Pro kits provide turnkey collections of essential gear to outfit the lab. Tools for the disassembly, repair, soldering or removal of memory or other chips from electronic devices, the two collections offer quality equipment at price points to satisfy today’s budgets.

Both workbench gear collections include a standard microscope for device inspection, and Teel Tech offers additional optical solutions with greater magnification and higher resolutions. Check out the “Inspection” section of the site to see options from Tagarno, Vision Engineering and AmScope.

The Individual Workbench Gear pages offer individual items from the Complete Kits, as well as complementary equipment for the lab.

Teel Tech Complete Workbench Gear

Workbench tools for advanced digital forensics and device repair.   

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Teel Tech Complete Workbench Pro

Our top-of-the-line collection of equipment for precision work on devices, including chip removal, soldering to boards or chips or repairing damaged devices.   

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Workbench Equipment

Individual equipment you need to make your custom workbench.

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Teel Tech Benchtop Tool Kit

Benchtop small tools for device disassembly, component cleaning and prep for data recovery or repair.

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