Situational Awareness and Predictive Analysis (SAPA) Course

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situational-awareness-image2Derived from the U.S. Marine Corps Combat Hunter program, TII’s Situational Awareness and Predictive Analysis (SAPA) course is designed to teach both civilians and government employees how to observe, react, and respond to potential threats, including terrorist attacks and active shooter scenarios.

The course accomplishes this by utilizing Predictive Profiling based on the scientific domains of Human Behavior Pattern Analysis. This course also provides advanced Interview and Deception Detection techniques, which allows the client to quickly determine if an individual or employee is attempting to deceive.

Situational Awareness training is applicable to virtually any environment, and can apply to Government, Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders, as well as employees of businesses and public venues that could be considered high-value targets.

Purpose of Instruction: Students learn to accurately and effectively recognize, respond to, and mitigate threats.

Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of the training, the client will possess knowledge and understanding of the following:

  • The Six Domains of Predictive Analysis
  • Threat vs. Suspicion vs. Risk
  • Detection of suspicious activity
  • Recognizing Aggressive Intentions
  • Addressing a suspicious object or person
  • Enhanced overall situational awareness

  • How to know when someone is trying to deceive
  • Increased understanding of every day environments
  • Increased observation and anomaly detection
  • Increased awareness and detection of potential threats
  • Advanced interviewing skills

SAPA Article For DCG Futures Group Technology Bulletin ~ 21Feb16 (PDF)

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