SIMIS SIM Card Forensic Software

SIMISConsidered among the world first Cell Phone forensic tools and today’s most comprehensive SIM card analysis solution, SIMIS was engineered in accordance with ACPO guidelines to ensure that no data on the SIM is modified during the read process.  Created with the input from, and for law enforcement officials, SIMIS reports are digitally signed with both MD5 and SHA 256 hashes to ensure integrity.  And a full audit trail is included in the analysis, detailing important aspects from the acquisition process. SIMIS Offers support for GSM, 3G, LTE, and CDMA SIM Cards (R-UIM+CSIM), as well Nextel, 2G/3G and Satellite SIM Cards.

For field use, the SIMIS Mobile Handheld Reader enables users to collect data from multiple SIM cards for on-site analysis or later review using SIMIS PC software.  The compact easy-to-operate mobile unit is battery powered and comes with Data Transfer Cards for easy storage and transport. SIMIS Is Now Dongle-Less.   Unique Licensed Card Reader Eliminates Dongle Requirement.  

New SIMIS Handheld

New SIMIS Handheld

SIMIS Features: 

  • Complete Analysis and Comprehensive Data Dump of SIM cards
  • Easy interfacing and reporting.
  • Unicode supported to display native language characters
  • MD5 and SHA-256 Hashing of Data
  • No Dongle Required
  • Nextel SIM Supported — Only Forensic Tool That Gets Extensive Nextel Phonebook.
  • Thuraya, Irridium, and Inmarsat SIM supported
  • “Hot Number” enables of identification of special interest numbers during reads
  • Complete SIM data dump feature enables complete analysis of raw data