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Mobilyze is a mobile data triage tool, designed to give users immediate access to data from iOS and Android devices. Specifically designed with ease of use in mind, Mobilyze was built to respond to the mounting backlogs of evidentiary mobile devices in law enforcement agencies, both domestically and overseas. The Mobilyze application runs on either Mac or Windows and can be effectively deployed in the field or within a forensics lab. Once Mobilyze has been installed, simply plug the smartphone or tablet into a USB port, and Mobilyze will begin collecting all relevant user data. This data is then available for viewing, searching, and filtering within minutes.

Through its incredibly simple and intuitive user experience, Mobilyze allows users of all technical abilities to quickly ascertain whether a device contains relevant forensic evidence, whether immediate action needs to be taken, and/or whether the device needs to be sent to a forensics lab for a comprehensive analysis. Once relevant data is discovered, Mobilyze provides one-click reporting in a clean and easily readable format. If further analysis is required, users can seamlessly import Mobilyze data into BlackLight for a more comprehensive forensic analysis.






Unprecedented Speed and Simplicity

  • View data in real time during the device acquisition
  • Unplug the device at any time, preserving all acquired data
  • Get an immediate snapshot of key user info from the device

MB_Import_OptionsFlexibility and Customization for LE Investigations

  • Limit data collection based on search warrant requirements
  • Select the order in which third party application data is collected
  • Collect and preserve all relevant user data in a forensically sound manner



Intuitive UI Experience that BlackBag Customers Expect

  • Navigate between Communications, Media, Locations, Apps, and Internet views
  • View all messages (SMS, Facebook, etc.) in native format or an indexed list
  • Use the Filter field to filter any dataset by keyword and/or date/time


Designed for Quick Identification and Assessment of Evidence

  • View files with geolocation data alongside the built-in Google Maps GPS pane
  • Identify and tag collected data, even while it is still being acquired
  • Export raw data immediately for collaboration

  • MobilyzeScreenSnapz015


    One-Click Reporting with Flexible Data Inclusion and Formatting

  • Tailor the elegantly simple report to either include all data, or just your tagged evidence
  • Quickly export to HTML or PDF
  • Click the image to the right to view a full sample HTML Report!
Part No:
AP-MOBILYZE-LE – For law enforcement
AP-MOBILYZE-NLE – For non law enforcement