AmScope Stereo Microscope

The microscope features a unique simul-focal optical system with an adjustable trinocular port to enable well-focused clear images on your computer or video screen while simultaneously obtaining sharp, focused images through the eyepieces.

Traditional trinocular stereo microscopes allow you to view either through the trinocular port or the eyepieces only, forcing you to switch between the two. Since these trinocular ports are not simul-focal with the rest of the microscope optical system, you have to re-focus the microscope after each switch. The current microscope, however, erases this step by providing simul-focal viewing. Especially convenient for quality-control inspections, teaching demonstrations, and many other industry applications, your colleagues or students can simultaneously view clear images shown through the trinocular port while you work through the eyepieces.

The microscope comes with a simul-focal trinocular head, super widefield optics, and a double-arm heavy-duty boom stand, offering crystal clear images, large magnifying zoom range, and long working distance. The double-arm boom stand lets the user manipulate the microscope head around three different axes (x, y, and z) and to maneuver the microscope head in any direction desired.




  • Simultaneously views clear images through trinocular port and eyepieces
  • 3.5X-90X zoom magnification power; 2-1/2″ (65mm) large field view; 8″ (200mm) working distance
  • 3D double-arm boom stand allows you to point microscope head in any direction desired


Microscope Type Stereo
Application Industrial Inspection, Engraving, Dissecting, Dental Lab, Laboratory, Mineralogy
Magnification Power 3.5X-90X
Field View Super Widefield
Head Type Trinocular, Simul-Focal
Objective Power 0.7-4.5X
Eyepiece Power 10X
Eyepiece Size 30mm
Reduction Lens 0.5X
Microscope Stand Boom Stand: double-arm
Light Type Fluorescent
Light Power 8W
Light Shape Ring
Number of Light Bulbs 1
Barlow Lens 0.5X, 2.0X
Power Supply 110V, 220V
Brand Name AmScope
Color White

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